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My name is ganesh pillai , I had moles in my Neck , Firstly I have consulted with the Dermatology(Allopathic) for near by 6 months but I have not got positive result , then I have came to know about the Homeopathy , So then I had searched in net, on this site http://www.sulekha.com , I had got Jigenesh parmar’s contact number from this site then I had consulted with him and started the treatment and with in two and half months its cured, He is good and friendly docotor.

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Disclaimer:These are the reviews of patients which are cured by us results and duration may vary from person to person.


Nice doctor and great dealing in treatment of disease.Full marks to him.

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Disclaimer:These are the reviews of patients which are cured by us results and duration may  vary from person to person.

Anuradha Kumar

 — 5 starDr Jignesh is a god send ..accurate diagnosis and fast treatment .. Humane and patient ... A rarity in healthcarenow a days ... And very approachable ... A family doc in every sense for me ..

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Disclaimer:These are the reviews of patients which are cured by us results and duration  may vary from person to person.


Why is homoeopathy safe and does not have side effects?

Why Homoeopathy is safe? 

Why  homoeopathy is  safe is the question arising in the minds of people.Here by would like to breifly explain regarding the safety of homoeopathy.

All homoeopathic medicines are prepared by method of potentisation which is the special method developed by Dr Hahnemann who was the founder of homoeopathy .

Potentisation is the method of dilution of the medicines in such manner and at such a high level that it's mass stops existing .you might be familier with avogadro's number which is 6.025 X10 raise to 23 ,so to breif if we go beyond this number then there will not be any mass existing in the solution which is prepared by diluting the substance and hence as there is no mass so there are no chances of any sort of sideeffects in homoeopathy.

So Homoeopathy is considered to be the safest medical branch among the all currently existing branches of medical science.

We at kasam healthcare strictly adhere to the hahnemannian principle and so we are the safest corporate who deploys homeopathy as its main branch and the only company in India who is engaged in homoeopathy.


So with kasam healthcare be safe and live longer .



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